Artecolote.com is a space for me to share my personal tools with the public. I am not a professional developer and I don't make a living from this. This site is a work in progress with more information to come

Adobe Illustrator Add-ons

Available for download from Adobe's website. Stay tuned for more extensions and feature updates

Something went wrong with the trial version and I haven't had time to work on it

CapSize - $12


  • Set type by Cap height or x-height
  • Measure any character
  • Work in scale
  • Do more with Zoomize & future Add-ons

Zoomize - Free!


  • Zoom to actual life size
  • Zoom 1:1 or any scale set by CapSize
  • Zoom artwork to a defined size without transforming

AlignCap - Free!

AlignCap allows you to align TextItems in Illustrator to other objects ignoring the bounding box

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Play Sequence Online! - alpha

Sequence is a mulitplayer board game with cards where you connect 5 to win. This project is in a very rough state wihtout score keeping

> click here to play<

Noice - Drum Grame For Mac

It's been a while. I pretty much refactored everything to allow for multiple Instruments and eventually I will have to refactor some more to allow for multiple players but I think it's coming along

Still to do: Guitar is well on it's way - basic mechanics are down. I'm adding sustains next and then taps. Bass is basically the same with different scoring values. Basic keytar is also implemented, but I'll tackle keys last

>Download Alpha Version<
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Woot! Shirts

Currently on sale at Woot.com

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"Bacon Wings"

Old Slogans

Derby 547: Vintage Slogans

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