Artecolote.com is a space for me to share my personal tools with the public. I am not a professional developer and I don't make a living from this. This site is a work in progress with more information to come

Adobe Illustrator Add-ons

Available for download from Adobe's website. Stay tuned for more extensions and feature updates

Something went wrong with the trial version and I haven't had time to work on it

CapSize - $12


  • Set type by Cap height or x-height
  • Measure any character
  • Work in scale
  • Do more with Zoomize & future Add-ons

Zoomize - Free!


  • Zoom to actual life size
  • Zoom 1:1 or any scale set by CapSize
  • Zoom artwork to a defined size without transforming

AlignCap - Free!

AlignCap allows you to align TextItems in Illustrator to other objects ignoring the bounding box

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Play Sequence Online! - alpha

Sequence is a mulitplayer board game with cards where you connect 5 to win. This project is in a very rough state wihtout score keeping

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RubberBand - Drum Grame For Mac

Select Menu Update 1

Last weekend I worked on the select menu some more - mostly back end stuff

Before I was loading all the songs by parsing ini files in song folders. Now all the ini files are pre-parsed and all the data categorized and saved to Core Data. I worked on normalizing the database so the same data wouldn't be repeated many times - Album covers for the same album point to the same file so only 1 file loads, etc. This was my first time working with Core Data so it took me a very long time, but then pretty much everything in xcode is my first time and everything takes me forever :P

All the song meta isn't displayed yet. The number inside the record is the difficulty level for the song. Because I only have drums working at the time I'm able to do this, but in the future when I add other instruments it will probably have to go away, or maybe an instrument has to be selected first

The songs are organized in columns alphabetically. Each column is songs that start with a certain letter or number or symbol. Scrolling horizontally traverses letters and vertically browses all songs in that letters. This also took me a very long time - when you get to the end of a column, the selection continues to the next and when you get to the end of the songs, it loops back to the beginning. And this is the reason I went to Core Data so I can reshuffle songs and display them in different categories

Up next, Star Power - I haven't even began to think about it and don't know how or where it is notated in the midi files

If you would like to try out what I have so far, contact me below. I make no promises

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