alpha build - version secret sauce


NOTE: All of this will be more user friendly in the future but I'm a one man team. In the meantime, this is the situation

Music Library

File Format

Noice supports Phase Shift/Clone Hero folder structures but sound files need to be converted to m4a, aac or mp3. I do not distribute these files

- Sorry for the lack of Ogg support, I honestly tried and maybe I'll try again in the future if there is demand for it. For now m4a is the best format as it is supported natively on Mac

File Location

Place music folders inside ~/Music/noice/

Note this folder is not made automatically so create this folder. Noice does not write or modify any files on your computer except for the CoreData it manages. After you've added files, Noice will index them on startup


Roland TD3 is supported - for other programmable drum kits see midi notes below

- Aside from Drums, no other instrument controllers have been added as I only play drums. I am planning to add support for Guitar controllers, for now you can use a Mac keyboard

Navigation and Pro Drums

Strings + Drums