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Version 0.9
i fixed that thing


HWY Graphics

I updated the textures to the note highway. Overall they are higher resolution, but also the Star Power mode has a new paisley design

Random By Artist

When in the score display you can hit blue tom to play a random song from the same artist. If there is only 1 song from that artist the previous song will replay

Bug Fixes


I was displaying "***" for when the singer is iddle, but some songs had iddle tags even when the singer was, well, singing. So it would cause very rapid animation changes and sometimes the wrong lyrics would display. I removed the "***", and also updated the animations so there is no overlaps or funky animations

Star Notes

In very edges cases, when missing a note right before a Star Power(SP) run, SP triggers would appear. Sometimes doubling up with other notes

Also changed the score checking method. Before if you hit a trigger during a note break right before an SP run, it would invalidate the run even tho it hadn't technically started. Now the run is only invalidated after the first note in the run is in the hit window. This is an actual game changer since it can affect the score. I never caught it before because it required a specific mistake I usually don't make

Version 0.8
something went wrong


I made the mistake of running different builds with the same build number. This causes the signature to get revoked and all previous software released with that certificate to not run anymore - Apple also throws in a nice little warning to the tune of "This software will destroy your computer… throw in trash and report to Apple". Anyway, I got a new certificate so this release should be working again

Other Fixes

I fixed a case where the song info would not update correctly, now it shoudl always work

I fixed some of the Lyrics. Some songs floating around out there don't have lyrics properly tag as lyrics. This lyrics weren't displayed before and now they do. Instead of reading the lyrics event tag, I just ignore it completely and try to figure out what should be an event and what is a lyric. Please report any issues

Version 0.6
one more thing


New state machine behind the scenes fixed a lot of menu issues with objects ending in the wrong place when animations are interrupted by navigating too fast between menus.

I changed the encoding for reading midi files so more Lyrics display correctly - this should fix all lyrics in Latin languages, but I'm not sure if it will break others. Please report if other Lyrics are broken. FYI, some lyrics may not display because they were marked as "text" in the midi file instead of "lyric".

Fixed the crash that happens when starting up Noice and selecting the first song too quickly. I've tested several times and haven't been able to crash it.

Version 0.5
wait a minute

What's New

Help Screen

By pressing Orange (Bass kick or Spacebar on the keyboard) you can invoke a help screen with the current menu options. The menu is contextual and goes away by pressing any button

Streak Tracking

Now there is a display and comparison of the best streak

Bug Fixes

Crowd volume control now does stuff - it scales with the master control. When coming back from random play or the list menus song info now updates correctly. Finally, hitting the blue cymbal from the score screen will restart the same song

Version 0.4
something up in there

What's New

Last Added List

Now you can get a list of the latest songs added to the library. Simply press the minus key on the keyboard

Lists also have labels now

Background Interactions

The pentapus now reacts to Hits and Misses with new texture animations. This is still a work in progress with more improvements to come. I ran into issues with shader modifiers and had to leave some stuff out - but I submitted a bug report to Apple and they responded, so fingers crossed

Also made a few other graphical improvements

Bug Fixes

The volume setting didn't change the Drum tracks volume, making them too loud in some situations. Now it does

Navigating too quickly between Song Menu and Gameplay would make some menu items appear in the wrong context. Fixed it! (you can still navigate too fast and get strange effects but it's very stable)

When the song preview is muted, the last 2 seconds of the preview would play at full volume. Fixed it!

Some situations would cause the song to start at the wrong place. Fixed it!

Fixed a couple of mysterious crashes. There is still a crash sometime when quitting the game

Made other misc. improvements

What's Next?

I'm going to continue refining the background animations and visuals, setting up templates for custom backgrounds. Also more sound controls

Version 0.3
release the kraken

What's New

Background Animations

New background animation. This can be turned off and on from the application menu (menu > kraken > release?). Changes to this setting only takes effect after starting a new track

Future feature for this will be customization

Volume Controls

Individual volume controls for overall songs and song menu previews. The preview volume is a percentage of the overall volume

Note: crowd volume slider doesn't do anything yet

System Requirements

A Mac that supports Metal

Catalina (Mac OS 10.5) is recommended

Noice can run on High Sierra (Mac OS 10.3), but this is untested and user feedback is appreciated so I can fix any issues

Contact me


Twitter: @artecolote