How to Play

Starting a game

Host a game

Choose "Create Game" from the options and give the room # to other players to join your game

Join a game

Choose "Join Game" and enter the room # provided by the host player

Play a game locally

Select "Game Board Only"

This mode requires 2 decks of cards. Deal the cards amongst players by following the Setup instructions below. The gray chip is used to remove chips from the board

If playing in teams (more than 3 people), team members must alternate turns with oponents. Example: if playing in teams of 2, each team should go every other turn, not twice in a row


2 players

1 vs 1
7 cards each

3 players

1 vs 1 vs 1
6 cards each

4 players

2 vs 2
6 cards each

6 Players

3 teams of 2
5 cards each

8 players

2 teams, 4 vs 4
4 cards each

9 players

3 teams, 3 vs 3 vs 3
4 cards each

10 players

2 teams, 5 vs 5
3 cards each

12 players

3 teams, 4 vs 4
3 cards each



Connect 5 in a row to complete a sequence - horizontally, vertically or diagonally

Corners are wild and count as 1 space for any team

2 players or 2 teams

Complete 2 sequences to win

Sequences can't share more than 1 space

3 players or 3 teams

Complete 1 sequence to win

Game play

Wild cards

Black jacks

Place a chip on any blank space on the board

Red jacks

Remove any chip from the board that is not part of a sequence. Chips added onto an existing sequence are considered part of the same sequence